Simple Study of Debt Reduction Strategies

A few weeks ago I started thinking about debt reduction strategies, where if someone has X debt across Y accounts, what's the right way to address X? I figured it »

Google Saves Incognito Searches (mobile)

This doesn't appear to affect OSX Chrome. On iOS, I use Chrome (I like the link sharing and whatnot). For April Fool's, I was looking at the different companies' jokes »

Historical Nest Usage

The Nest app and website give you 10 days of usage information for your thermostat(s). Unfortunately, they offer no way to view data beyond that, which sucks if you »

Author image Terry

Using Mina with Atlassian Stash

Internally I'm setting up Atlassian's Stash, and one of the first projects I wanted to get going was my own projects that were previously hosted on Github. For Rails deployment »

Setting up Ghost with Passenger

I wanted something simpler to blog with, so I'm trying out Ghost. I've not hosted any Node apps before, but I already had a server set up running Passenger and »