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  • Caffeine

    Posted on October 6th, 2010 terry No comments

    There are about 4 hours in the day where the caffeine vs fatigue level is just right, and I get a lot done. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I work on requires a lot of computer effort too, which at first led me to creating multiple directories to work in.

    After the environment variable thing I got working, everything was a lot more silo’d, which was great, but I still had to either explicitly type at the end of long running commands “;say ‘done’” or just check it spontaneously.

    I don’t like having my headphones on all the time, so I wanted to hook Growl into this.

    Also, I wanted to release a gem named caffeine, but someone already has a gem named caffeine, and since I’d already made it work locally, I didn’t care enough to re-package it and figure out a new name. And meth has all the wrong implications. Color me lazy.

    Anyway, I ended up adding an at_exit block to my rake and spec executables, and put the following script in my path. It’s resulted in my computer telling me verbally and with sticky notes what’s going on. Who needs a secretary when you have this?